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Quand John Hughes écrivait à Alison

Sur le web : Grâce à un lecteur, BadJerry, que je remercie chaleureusement, j'ai découvert ce témoignage touchant d'une Américaine qui a échangé des lettres avec le regretté John Hughes.
Alison - c'est son prénom - écrit au cinéaste en 1985, peu après la sortie de Breakfast Club qu'elle avait adoré. En réponse, elle reçoit un courrier tapé à la machine lui indiquant qu'elle est inscrite au fan club officiel du film.
Alison renvoie alors une lettre au cinéaste en lui expliquant qu'elle lui a écrit des choses très personnelles et sincères et qu'en gros, elle n'en a rien à foutre de sa lettre-type envoyée à tout le monde. Et là, John Hughes lui répond et s'excuse. Alison lui demande s'il peut devenir son correspondant (penpal) et... Hughes accepte ! Pendant deux ans, l'ado et le réalisateur vont s'échanger des courriers. Comme deux amis, ils vont évoquer leur vie, leurs soucis, leurs joies.
Gros paquet
Puis John Hughes arrête d'écrire pendant quelques mois, en 1987. Alison envoie alors une lettre à Ned Tanen, le président de Paramount, pour demander des nouvelles du cinéaste ! Quelque temps plus tard, de retour de l'école, elle découvre un énorme paquet contenant des tas de goodies Ferris Bueller avec ce message : "A moi aussi, tu me manques. Ne m'attire plus d'ennuis avec le patron. Sincèrement, John Hughes".
Bien tard, en 1997, le cinéaste lui passe même un long coup de fil. Il lui explique alors qu'il est parti d'Hollywood car il était inquiet pour l'éducation de ses enfants. Il lui dit aussi que ce sont les studios qui ont tué John Candy (avec qui il a tourné Un ticket pour deux et Uncle Buck) en lui mettant trop la pression... Enfin, John lui explique que ses lettres de l'ado lui ont fait beaucoup de bien et que souvent, pour expliquer ses décisions, il disait : "Je fais ça pour Alison". Sympa, non ?
Lisez cette belle histoire sur le blog d'Alison : We'll Know when we get there.
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Anonyme a dit…

You are right, of course. BUT curious minds want to know. Nobody is
trying to distract from the genius that was John Hughes nor this
lovely memoir which soon become a national bestselling book a la WEAR
SUNSCREEN, published by Andrews McMeel for a US$100,000 advance, and
why not, it IS a lovely memoir, BUT curious minds want to know. It's
like the Michale Jackson thing. He was not angel, no saint. Face
reality, people.

RE, above: "Oh for HEAVEN'S SAKE. Please don't detract from the beauty
of this memoir by asking asinine questions like did John Hughes have a
crush on the writer. The innocence of the friendship between two
people who shared a common love, writing, is so basic and sweet - why
the need to attempt to attach it or associate it with something
twisted and unhealthy?!? Honestly. People who are posting with concern
as to Mr. Hughes weight at the time of his death (who cares? That was
his own business) and trying to suggest there was something subvert
about the kind and thoughtful correspondence he had with what was one
of many numerous fans - but to whom he was gracious enough to respond
personally to - for heaven's SAKE. Let it be what it is - just a
beautiful memory of a beautiful person written by a beautiful writer.
It's people like you who buy tabloids and keep paparazzi in business
because you make beautiful things somehow bad in your mind. May John
Hughes' family find peace at this time without their memory of him
being tainted by scandalous accusations and unkindness."

Agreed. Peace to the family, his long suffering wife of 39 years in particular.

Anonyme a dit…

Why are there no current photos of JH online anywhere? is it true that
he had become grossly overweight like John Candy and John Goodman and
Marlin Brando over the past 15 years and that he was fat and diabetic
and knew he was on a fast track to pokkuri sudden death? I loved the
man, his work, his genius, he movies, his walking away from Hollywood,
who he blamed for Candy's death at 43, but what about the personal
here? Was JH overweight, grossly or just a bit and why? Did he have
history of heart disease in his family, mom or dad or grandpa?
Somebody should be looking into these details too. People just don't
pop off and die. They also take with them secrets and things the
public never hears until much later. Let's find out now why he died at
59 from a H attack.... NOT ONE BLOG has looked into this so far.

Anonyme a dit…

monsieur or madame, vous devez savoir que peut etre alison is lying un liar, see this post on her blog: and translate it too

"Anonymous" said...

Alison, ....Its very telling that you'd deleted my earlier post on your blog given that I was John's Personal Assistant for FIVE YEARS and posted in great detail why YOUR entire post is nothing but "unsubstantiated internet wish fulfillment".

Feel free to delete this post too, but make sure you take this as gospel. If I see you on a single TV or CNN news program or interviewed online anywhere further "sprouting this made up crap, and riding on the coat tails of John's untimely passing, I will make it my mission in life to expose you for being attention seeking death stalker that you are", because I know as well as you do that this is all made up crap, ......and I and John's actual friends .....will line up to publicly humiliate anyone who seeks to use his death to promote themselves and make themselves out to be something that they're not and never were.

As you delete this post too, just make sure that you remember exactly what I'm saying here."